May 3 - May 10, 2015

Press release

Enzo’s Unclaimed is an on-going series of work that raises questions about the art market, value, financial context, and faith in art. The works consist of framed, unscratched lottery tickets that have been selected from across the States and abroad. Enzo has kidnapped the tickets from their intended context and framed them within the art market to test their potential to exceed their original maximum value. According to Enzo, all of them are winners. Each work is titled after the total prize amount in the frame, but can be purchased for one tenth.

Enzo draws attention to the art world’s complex value-generating system by changing the context in which they are not only seen, but valued as commodities. All lottery tickets have an expiration date. Before the tickets expire, the works have built-in insurance against buyer’s remorse—the tickets can still be scratched and cashed in for face value. But once expired, the works slip into the artistic domain of the utterly useless to become a commodity in a cultural lottery, the art market. An unclaimed scratch-off could be your ticket to an acclaimed work of art.

By subverting the tickets’ pressing immediacy in the name of restraint, the collector imbues the work with emotional tension. The temptation of instant gratification taunts the buyer until the ticket expires and enters the multi- billion-dollar art market. Enzo swears the tickets are winners, but makes no such guarantee about the art.

The proof of their value can only be excavated by damaging the artwork. Would such proof raise the value of the work? Would the damage render it worthless? Can the value be restored by replacing the surface? Enzo leaves it to history and provenance to decide the fate and outcome of all this.

Regardless of whether you scratch a ticket for an early cash-in or believe in its value as art, Enzo asks for a high level of trust. The path chosen suggests which financial market you believe in and what what personal value you find in the work.

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Enzo’s practice posits objects in ambiguous or unfamiliar contexts through interventions. Whether as bricolage sculptures of consumer objects (1-888-AZHKQOL, 2015) or a performative event (Free Parking, 2015), Enzo’s work pushes a particular idea or object until it reaches a loophole, where content is separated from context. The work consistently demonstrates the contradiction between semiotic structures’ perceived stagnancy and inherent flexibility. Enzo’s incorporation of pop culture elements into the work creates an intelligent oeuvre that is refreshingly candid, and as playful as it is provocative.