Free Parking

May 15 - May 17, 2015

Press release

As a conceptual welcome to the cognoscenti that descend upon New York during Frieze, Enzo is offering the most impressive parking spot in SoHo for free. Visitors are invited to park inside Inert’s pristine gallery, behind tinted windows.

Long before Inert moved in, the space at 45 Renwick St. was a garage for the area’s trash trucks (Chelsea’s biggest collectors). Restoring the space back to its original function, Enzo explores the location’s history as well as the linguistic relationship between parking and art. The site-specific gesture playfully pimps each car with the white cube treatment, inverting the formal dialects of status used on the streets versus the gallery. By entering Enzo’s Free Parking, each car embeds itself into the work, elevating its value to the status of art.

The show will open with a tailgate party with DJs MMGG and Kairo spinning from the driver’s seat. The parking spot can be reserved between Saturday, May 16 at 9pm and Sunday, May 17 at 5pm. Please email with desired times.

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Enzo’s practice posits objects in ambiguous or unfamiliar contexts through interventions. Whether as bricolage sculptures of consumer objects (1-888-AZHKQOL, 2015) or a performative event (Free Parking, 2015), Enzo’s work pushes a particular idea or object until it reaches a loophole, where content is separated from context. The work consistently demonstrates the contradiction between semiotic structures’ perceived stagnancy and inherent flexibility. Enzo’s incorporation of pop culture elements into the work creates an intelligent oeuvre that is refreshingly candid, and as playful as it is provocative.