June 26 - July 17, 2015

Press release

At dawn the sun looked ill. It wilted as it rose and cast mottled green light on our faces as it set. We watched it slump closer and closer to Earth until finally it crashed at the horizon. We sprinted across the continents toward the sun—but found nothing more than a ragged hole from which cold light shined. On the other side of the hole, there was no light. No sun. No return.

Inert is pleased to present WRONG DAWN, the first solo show by Anouk Hood. The exhibition will present an immersive triptych made from a single massive undulating plane. A half-ton carpet is suspended, sliced, and folded onto itself in parabolic tidal waves, obliterating any sense of figure and ground, space and object. Three “rooms” are precariously draped into self-referential proto-forms held together by Borgesian physics. The first room of the installation depicts a sluggish sun at dawn, dragging itself against the plane of the sky on its way to noon. In the second room the sun appears real, a crisp surface emanating light from high in the impenetrable atmosphere. The third room of the triptych reveals the back of the sun—a gaping oculus in a structure on the brink of collapse. The installation evokes a thick, cloying, delirious atmosphere cut and peeled away to reveal immaterial, monumental volumes. The relentless pattern of the carpet cancels itself out as a subject, allowing the voids to emerge as protagonists. WRONG DAWN was conceived as a commentary on our current hyperlinked atmosphere, echoing the contemporary content desert in which the consumer/viewer is starved for substance and fatigued from sprinting through an enfilade of one “wrong dawn” after another.

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Anouk Hood explores perverted classicism and the contemporary sublime.