Attachment Unavailable

September 16 - October 31, 2015

Press release

Anouk continues to explore immaterial space in a nomadic monument crafted in white parachute ripstop. Columns lay on the gallery floor in ruins, and are resurrected only when viewed. By the same token, the viewer triggers their destruction, knowing that by looking away they’ll collapse.

Attachment Unavailable is a site non-specific installation that highlights the outdated cache of images that form large swaths of the imagined landscape. Anouk is particularly interested in long periods of visual informational lag, like the gap between the moment ISIS destroyed the temple of Bel, and the moment American media obliterated its image from the western collective consciousness.

In many cases, only after these sites are violently demolished does its image arrive into international popular consciousness. The installation recalls the way in which we resurrect destroyed content simply by (Go)ogling it back into existence. Obliterating a temple does not obliterate all 20 million images of it online, but its image becomes an instant pop icon, memorialized digitally at the moment of destruction.

Oblivion gear will be available during the opening to protect viewers from unnecessary peripheral content. During the show, Attachment Unavailable will also appear and disappear from other real and unreal sites around the world. The nomadic phantom may or may not conjure itself at Inert at the time of your visit, so follow its appearances on or on Instagram at @anouk.hood.

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Exhibition images


Doric Disorder: The Comic Sublime in Anouk Hood’s Attachment Unavailable
Exasperated Viewer on Air


Anouk Hood explores perverted classicism and the contemporary sublime.