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45 Renwick St.
NY, NY 10013

P. (201) 351-8851
F. (201) 492-9156

Tuesday – Saturday
11 am – 6 pm
(or by appointment)

Fuck context. Real value hides in the loophole. Stand on your own shoulders. Shrug to reach higher. Distrust a vested interest in truth. Nonchalance is a truth passion cannot touch. The ulterior motive is not what it seems.


VIP (Vacant Intellectual Property)

December 18 - December 20, 2015

VIP is a party and installation curated by Enzo that plays with artistic and conceptual definitions of VIP, and the thresholds one must pass to enter into that social strata. The gallery will be divided into VIP and non-VIP zones, an innocuous but tangible distinction between party goers. Guests who aspire to be VIP can upgrade their status for a small emotional price. However, embedded within the party are loopholes that destabilize the power structure observed.

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August 14 - September 2, 2015

Enzo’s 1-888-AZHKQOL is a series of sculptures that explore capitalism’s inherent threat to itself. The sculptures are inspired by improvised explosive devices (IEDs), used for guerrilla warfare. The formal qualities of the sculptures combine the language of bricolage with a contemporary wit that makes them read like designer bombs. Finished with a coat of velvety fibers, they appear simultaneously as retail products and artifacts excavated from the ground.

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Free Parking

May 15 - May 17, 2015

As a conceptual welcome to the cognoscenti that descend upon New York during Frieze, Enzo is offering the most impressive parking spot in SoHo, for free, inside the pristine white cube gallery at Inert. The show will open with a tailgate party with DJs MMGG (Berlin/New York) and Kairo spinning from the driver’s seat.

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May 3 - May 10, 2015

Enzo’s Unclaimed is an on-going series of work that raises questions about the art market, value, financial context, and faith in art. The works consist of framed, unscratched lottery tickets that have been selected from across the States and abroad. Enzo has kidnapped the tickets from their intended context and framed them within the art market to test their potential to exceed their original maximum value. According to Enzo, all of them are winners. Each work is titled after the total prize amount in the frame, but can be purchased for one tenth.

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Recent Contributors

  1. Josh Kaplan,
  2. Clint Zocolli,
  3. Grace Kontur

Reality is a hostile place for the ideal. It deserves no reverence. State fantasies as facts. Start at perfection and push until it deforms in excess of itself. At the breaking point, change the laws of physics to protect this precarious phenomenon. Retrofit reality to the laws of the imagination. Inject perfection with more of itself. More emotion, more beauty, more decoration, more relief, more--


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September 16 - October 31, 2015

Anouk continues to explore immaterial space in a nomadic monument crafted in white parachute ripstop. Columns lay on the gallery floor in ruins, and are resurrected only when viewed. By the same token, the viewer triggers their destruction, knowing that by looking away they’ll collapse.

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June 26 - July 17, 2015

Inert is pleased to present Wrong Dawn, the first solo show by Anouk Hood. The exhibition will present an immersive triptych made from a single massive undulating plane. A half-ton carpet is suspended, sliced, and folded onto itself in parabolic tidal waves, obliterating any sense of figure and ground, space and object.

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Recent Contributors

  1. Monica Tinyo,
  2. Lauren Christiansen,
  3. Charles Leonard,
  4. Charis Alexander,
  5. Chad Yarborough

The body is obsolete. Abandon it at the login screen to your immortal identity. Reimagine the interface between you and yourself, where identity is crystallized. Encounter new emojional states in the economy of feelings. Beware of the itch of sensorial deprivation that rips you from your immaterial paradise, when matter makes itself felt against your will. Remain forever, corporally naked in the virtual fantasy of yourself. You can save your identity but you can't save your life.


Debuting soon.

Recent Contributors

  1. Rus Yusupov,
  2. Manuel Bujold